Sexual Addiction 101

by Bill C. Martin, M.A., LMFT What is going on here? A teenager with few friends who spends several hours a day, seven days a week surfing porn sites and does little else but go to school and come home to the computer. A husband leaving the house to do a quick errand for his […]


by Mary L. Obata, M.A. Marriage & Family Therapist Conflict is a necessary, inevitable part of a relationship. It is actually healthy to engage in conflict and be able to resolve issues. What is unhealthy is to repetitively engage in escalated, destructive conflict. Following are guidelines to keep destructive fighting to a minimum and to […]


In Bioenergetic therapy, one learns to “tune in” to bodily sensations, particularly as they accompany thoughts and emotions. One comes to understand how they relate to important issues and relationships. As bodily awareness grows, one forms a stronger, fuller sense of self—no longer a self narrowly defined by the thoughts of the mind, but also experienced in the wisdom of the body.

Baby, You Can Light My Fire

“Baby, you can light my fire” or so the song goes but what if that fire doesn’t seem to ignite? It is known that low sexual desire is a function of our minds and our bodies. What is not often known is that it takes a bit of detective work to discover what the cause of the low desire is and then what can be done to solve it.